Hiring Wage Research

GovDirections Consulting conducts hiring wage research using professionally trained staff to actively seek wages offered to recruit employees. The methodology provides more accurate results than the use of traditional salary surveys that depend on a response driven process.

Classification and Compensation Services

GovDirections Consulting can assist or lead a human resource classification and compensation study. Our principals have served as project managers or support to more than 300 local agency reviews in 35 different states. This work includes writing of job descriptions, onsite subject matter reviews, in depth compensation surveys, and preparation of recommendations to improve compensation structures. Our principals are considered experts in the application of the Factor Evaluation System.

Indirect Cost Allocation

GovDirections Consulting can assist with preparing an indirect cost allocation rate study. 

Organizational Management

GovDirections Consulting conducts organization management reviews. Our principals have served as project managers or support to dozens of organization management reviews. These projects include local and state organization management studies, city and county management productivity studies, and structural reviews.